Well, I’m back and recovered from four days in the Christian schools of Virginia. Had a wonderful time talking to kids about books and writing, then had a wonderful time catching up at home–answering emails, tossing out junk mail, and doing our taxes. Turbo Tax had this new feature that I like–you can apply some of your refund to buying gift cards, but they give you more on the card than you actually spend. So now my family will be well stocked with gift cards (and I made sure to get cards where we regularly shop anyway.)

Still hanging in there with the 90 Day Bible Reading challenge? I love Jeremiah. The prophetic passages about Christ are so strong, poetic, and obvious to anyone reading from the perspective of hindsight. I am also drawn to the passages that describe Israel’s ingathering and the promise of her future joy.

Reading Jeremiah whetted my appetite for more study, so last night I went online and signed up for my doctoral program. As soon as that’s squared away, I’ll start my doctor of biblical studies program, choosing classes in theology, old and new testament, and one called “the problem of evil.” (Looks interesting!) I’m also very interested in a class called “bioethics overview.” Hmmm. That could be useful.

Well, time to get ready for church. I’ll be leaving mid-week to go teach an advanced fiction track at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference–looking forward to seeing many friends there! www.flwriters.org.



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