There’s a move afoot–a clever backhanded effort to keep the cash registers singing while Christians deal with the heresy of The DaVinci Code movie. You can read about it in greater detail at Barbara Nicolosi’s excellent blog

IOW, they want us to go see the movie so we can “intelligently discuss it” with friends. Ha! I didn’t read the book because I didn’t want to spend a penny endorsing that sort of poppycock, and I won’t see the movie, either. There’s been so much in the media about the book/movie that I’ve been able to discuss it well enough.

The photo today is the cover of a book by Dandi Dailey Mackall, Maggie’s Story. When Tyndale asked me to write a historical account of Mary Magdalene, they also asked Karen Kingsbury to write a contemporary parable, and they asked Dandi to write a novel for young adults. Maggie’s Story is the result, so if you have any young adults who are confused by the DaVinci controversy, send them to Dandi’s book.

Heard about a couple of very nice reviews of The Novelist. One here:

and one here:

Well, my computer thermometer tells me it’s 41 degrees outside. Brrrr! We Floridians don’t quite know how to take that. Last night I slept with a sweat shirt over my jammies. {VBG}



  1. Betsy

    I am looking forward to Magdalene as well as Karen Kingsbury’s parable. I can’t be classified as a young adult but I am interested in all the stories about Mary Magdalene. I admit to reading the Da Vinci Code and I did not care for it. I never purchase books at first I get them through the library first then I read then buy. I do have a question about Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. That question is are they actually the same person? I always thought Magdalene was because she was believed to be of Magdala? I know it is hard at times to convey tone. I got this info from a missionary companion.

  2. Angela

    No, Mary of Bethany and Mary of Magdala were definitely NOT the same person.



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