Yesterday a man came to give me a bid on some pool renovations. While we sat outside and he jiggled his numbers, he said, “Have kids?”

“Yep,” I said. “Two.”

He looked up. “They’re awful quiet.”

I laughed. “They’re out of the house. They’re 21 and 22.”

“Oh, my!” he says. “You look so young.”

I felt flattered . . . until I remembered he was trying to sell me something.

On to today’s topic: I am an admitted gadget freak. I ADORE gadgets, especially if they serve a useful function.

The other day I was flying home and picked up the latest edition of Skymall magazine. You know the one–the catalog filled with overpriced whatnots and travel aids, garden chairs, creams guaranteed to make you look like you’ve had a face lift, and gargoyles for your living room.

Anyway, they had something new–the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. I was entranced. This little doodad hangs from your shower nozzle. After the last shower of the day (at our house, that would be mine), you press the little blue button. A warning beep gives you fifteen seconds to exit the shower, then the little nozzle at the very bottom spins round and round, spraying mildew-devouring Scrubbling Bubbles solution all over the shower walls, door, even your loofahs and shampoo bottles. No scrubbing necessary! (There are no bubbles, either, but I suppose that’s beside the point).

The skymall ad even had a picture of a dirty “before” shower and a sparkling “after” shower–after about eight uses, I think. Anyway, I was hooked. Ordered the thing and now have it hanging from my shower nozzle. And every morning, I dry off, press the blue button, and step out of the shower, happily entertained while the little nozzle goes round and round . . .

My parents have a 50th anniversary coming up. What do you think? Isn’t that more useful than, say, a trinket or tray?



  1. Melissa

    Angie,it’s all good. I have a thing for pens and sharpie markers.Put me in an office supply store on the post it and pen aisle and I could stay there for an hour and it would still seem like it’s been only a few minutes. Kitchen gadget store and my husband gives me a stopwatch with a predetermined time.LOL

  2. Susan

    How well is your Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner working? I am considering buying one if it gets good results. Thanks

  3. angelahunt

    It’s working well. BUT, having said that, you’d get the exact same result if you sprayed the walls with cleaner-filled spray bottle after every shower.

    It’s just more fun to watch the little gadget work.


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