Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

And a happy Valentine’s Day to my family, whom I’ve never introduced. Welcome to the Hunt family album.

This first picture is my husband and son a couple of years ago, dressed for a wedding. I figured I’d better snap a picture quick, as a tux is NOT what they usually wear.

The next photo is Regis Philbin (yes, he’s real, not wax) with my hubby and my precious Justus, who’s waiting for me in heaven.

My current mastiff is Charley Gansky, whom I’ve blogged about in other posts.

The picture is our family when my kids were young. This picture happened to be shot on the very day I found out I sold my first book (actually, it won a contest. First prize was publication.) We were visiting Dollywood Theme Park, so the day was memorable. This must have been 1987.

This last picture is of my son and Justus, circa 2000, I think. Justus was a big boy–275 pounds of pure sweetheart.

I’m sorry I don’t have more recent family shots, but it’s hard to get us all together in one place! Plus, my kids are at the age when they don’t think it’s neat to have Mom posting their pictures.

So don’t tell.



  1. Melissa

    It’s so neat to see everyone “all growed up”. 😉 I was looking though all my old letters from junior high and high school and came by several we wrote back and forth,some with a couple of pictures. Do you still keep in touch with Daryl and Colleen (from your college days?)

  2. Accidental Poet

    my lips are sealed. Do have any of your daughter as an adult??

  3. Ruth

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Angie, they are wonderful! Happy Tuesday!


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