A couple of notes–first, notice that you can now subscribe to this blog’s feed. Just put your email addy in the box beneath my blogroll of favorite blogs, and you’ll receive a copy of whatever I post whenever I post it. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Remember, profundity is not guaranteed.

Second, tomorrow begins our Book of the Month (BOM) feature. Seven days of looking at how one particular title came to be.

William Safire had a great column on blargon (blogger jargon) last Sunday. I knew most of the words, but encountered some new ones. Let’s check your blogger vocabulary.

Above the fold: what you see on a blog’s screen before you begin to scroll down.
Sidebar: obviously, the column down the side of the page.
Blogroll: the list of other blogs we love and/or recommend
Bye-line: an adios or farewell at the end of a blogger’s post
wingnuts: right wing bloggers
moonbats: left wing bloggers
ping: “packet Internet gopher” a program that tests whether a destination is online
Link love: an unsolicited, posted link that aims only to amuse or interest
Link slut: carrying the above yearning to an extreme
meme: an online chain letter, where you “tag” your friends to answer the same questions
Delicious: a social bookmarking service that allows users to share their bookmarked sites with others. To del.icio.us someone is to add them to your delicious bookmarks.
blogerati: sophisticated bloggers
dotted: the word used to describe any site that sends out bursts of traffic
slashdotted: the recipient of all above traffic
spam blogs, splogs, and zombie blogs: robot-generated texts meant to game search engines. Often appears as comment spam.
blegging: sending a query through the blogosphere
to fisk: taking an article, reprinting it on your blog with your line-by-line critique.

Had enough? I have! I’m still trying to master the vocabulary in the dictionary!


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  1. Carrie

    Any hints on what book you’ll be “expounding on” first? Can’t wait…


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