Thanks to Robin Lee for pointing me to George Barna’s column on Christians and the DaVinci code movie.

I so agree with his perspective. There’s an appalling lack of theological knowledge in our nation today. I remember once getting into an argument with one of my professors at my community college–he kept insisting that “God helps those who help themselves” was in the Bible, I kept insisting it wasn’t. (For the record, it’s not.) People just assume things, and that’s the danger of The DaVinci Code book and movie. People assume that it’s true, but it’s a fictional novel based on the writings of gnostics who came a couple of centuries after Christ.

I don’t know why people were so excited about this book–I didn’t read it, but even my UPS man stopped me to ask what I thought of it. People are so willing to believe heresy, but they resist believing, for instance, that Jesus lived a sinless life.

That’s one reason I was so thrilled to be able to write MAGDALENE. In that book I was able to do solid biblical and extra-biblical research into the lives of first-century Christians. I hope that book will point people in the direction of truth, not heresy.

MAGDALENE releases in March; the DaVinci Code movie opens on May 19. If your friends ask you about whether or not Mary M was married to Jesus, please point them in the right direction.


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  1. Shauna

    I think that verse is somewhere in Hezekiah 12. 😉


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