Happy new year! I am grateful to have survived until 2006. When I was young, I never thought I’d make it to 2000. Being in my forties just seemed . . . ancient. (VBG)

Yesterday my hubby and son helped me take inventory of all the books in our garage. (We do this every year). These are my published books, boxes and boxes of them. Why do I have them? Well, I sell a few on my web page, I supply Amazon with books that are out of print, and I often give books away . . . as the Spirit moves.

I’ll bet some of you didn’t know that authors have to buy their own books. 🙂 That often surprises people . When you sign a contract to write a book, the contract stipulates that you do get a certain number of free copies and that number can range from ten to 100, depending upon the publisher. But you’re not supposed to resell those books; they’re for promotional purposes (i.e., giving away).

So where do I get the books I sell? I used to buy them from my publishers, but then I discovered www.bookdepot.com. I can buy my books there cheaper than I can get them from the publisher, but there’s one caveat. First, I have to have a minimum $250 order, and second, these books are remainders or returns. So occasionally they look a little less than pristine.

Last year I taught the fiction track at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference and I brought enough copies of one title for each student to have one. We worked through the first chapter together, and I showed them how to edit it and make it better (I’d learned a lot since I wrote it). I probably created a roomful of armchair editors, but that’s okay. It’s part of growing as a writer. (I’m teaching at the FCWC again this year–an advanced fiction track. This year my students can edit their own work.)

Well, Sunday morning, my migraine is fading, and I need to get ready for church. A blessed Lord’s Day and a happy new year to you all!


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