Once upon a time, a lady named Lori asked her good pal Angie if she’d be interested in co-writing a series of books. Lori wanted to write about small town life and Angie had a hankering to write about angels. So they put the two ideas together and Heavenly Daze, a five book series, was born.

The books have been out for some time, and as charming as they are, something far more than reader enjoyment has resulted from them. Heavenly Daze is a mythical island located off the coast of Maine, but it’s also a real place. It dwells in the hearts of men and women who have bonded together in the spirit of Heavenly Daze . . . that is, in the Spirit of God.

Once the series came out, we established a yahoogroup for Heavenly Daze readers, and the site has been going strong for years. There are about 300 members, and on any given day they are sharing recipes, jokes, funny stories, and prayer requests. They may be separated by miles, even continents, but in their hearts, they are as close as the Wickam’s parsonage is to the Heavenly Daze Community Church. They even have an annual reunion, where they meet in person to exchange hugs.

Heavenly Daze had a loss this week. It wasn’t their first and it won’t be their last, but as I watched these people come together to comfort, encourage, and pray, I couldn’t help but stand amazed at what the Lord has done. He took two women, blessed their friendship and the work of their hearts, and used it to build a caring community that can and will make a difference for eternity. The writing work is done, but the ministry goes on and on.

Praise be to God for his glorious gifts. Thank you Father, for the ministry of Heavenly Daze. It is a real place, to be found wherever people carry the spirit of Heaven in their hearts.



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  1. Linda G

    Angie, The Dazers all appreciate you
    and Lori for writing the HD books.
    Yes, this has been a hard week on the Island, but we grieve not as those who have no hope but look forward to that day when we have a HD Reunion in heaven.


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