Speaking of ALIAS reminds me that THE TRUTH TELLER is now shipping to bookstores across the fruited plain. This book originally came out years ago, and it’s special to me because it’s the first time I ever wrote what I wanted to write, as opposed to what I thought the market wanted.

I got the idea, as usual, from a number of sources. The first was the OJ Simson trial. I got so sick of seeing it on TV and reading about it everywhere that I found myself wishing for some kind of human truth detector–someone who could walk into that courtroom, point at people and tell us once and for all who was lying and who wasn’t.

Then I began to wonder–well, where would such a person come from? Why would he have this ability which the average person lacked?

And then I read about the Iceman, the 5300-year-old fellow they found frozen in the Italian Alps. The man was remarkably well-preserved.

And then I thought, Well . . . since the law of entrophy declares that all things break down, this man is not as “broken down” as everyone else. Which means his DNA is in far better shape. Which means that if someone had a child with his DNA, that kid might have some unique abilities . . .

And so the kernel that became THE TRUTH TELLER was formed. The story is about a young woman, Lara Godfrey, who, after losing her husband to cancer, decides to have her husband’s child (he’s made a sperm donation that’s being held at a cyrogenic storage facility). So she has the in vitro fertilization, though she doesn’t know that an evil scientist/philosopher has tinkered with the sperm’s DNA and plans to take the resulting child . . .

Sounds like an Alias plot, doesn’t it? The villain’s name is even Devin Sloane! (Alias’s principal bad guy is Arvin Sloane. I tell you, ideas are in the ether . . .)

In any case, the book has been reissued and will be appearing in bookstores any day now. Enjoy!


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  1. Accidental Poet

    YES! The marvelous gift you have for “What if…?”

    Can’t wait to read it. Although I seem to be on a one-woman quest to read all Christian fiction out there now …


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