My pal Robin Lee Hatcher (that’s her pic) is procrastinating today. And though I’m not procrastinating (I’m clearing out all the Christmas decorations from inside the house–no, it’s not too soon when you’re on a deadline), I’ll play along so SHE can procrastinate a little longer.

Robin Lee took a tip from those print Am Ex ads that are everywhere. So here’s my bio, a la American Express:

My name … Angela Elise Elwell Hunt
My childhood ambition … to be a famous singer
My fondest memory … the arrivals of my children via jet from South Korea
My soundtrack … anything by Secret Garden
My retreat … my office
My wildest dream … (had to invent one) being on the NYT bestseller list
My proudest moment … the first thing that pops into mind is hearing my friend Keri Christie Igney talk about what I was like in high school. I didn’t remember being so . . . independent.
My biggest challenge … parenting two twenty-somethings. The hardest stage yet.
My alarm clock … like Robin, my body wakes me up. My internal alarm wakes me up with the sunrise.
My perfect day … would be one with no appointments, no quota, no necessary chores–just lots of books to read.
My first job … scooping ice cream for $1.00 an hour.
My indulgence … fine perfumes. (Michael Kors. Ahhh!)
My last purchase … a new grandfather clock. Ordered this morning. (Don’t ask what happened to the old one.)
My favorite movie … Ice Castles. (Favorite TV show: Alias.)
My inspiration … nature
My life … boot camp.
My favorite Christmas gift this year (I added this one): high top converse sneaks.
My card … is Visa. Sorry, Am Ex.

If you want to play, leave a comment so I’ll know where to read your bio.



  1. Kansas Bob

    Too tired to fill out a questionaire today but I am glad to see that someone else is an Alias fan. Happy 2006!

  2. Carrie

    I’d never heard of Secret Garden before so I headed to Amazon an listened to some samples. Beautiful!

  3. codepoke

    I’ll probably spend all day wondering what happened to the old grandfather clock 😉


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