While I was researching elevators, I ran across this account from a guy who was trapped in an elevator. If this is one of your fears (Joyce, I’m talking to you), maybe this guy’s hilarious account will help you rethink your dread–if dread is a thing that can be reasoned through. In any case, the guy is a good writer and his story is entertaining.


Yesterday I updated my Excel chart for THE ELEVATOR, the WIP. The Excel chart functions as a timeline for my editor when the work is finished, but it also helps me see the entire novel at a glance as I’m writing it. I color code the rows according to POV, and the columns (chapter, POV, date/time, place, action, weather, etc) help me keep track of details at a glance.

In any case, now that I am nearing the end, I have reached the ENDING, which I usually don’t really know until I get there. I mean, I have an idea of the final scene and I know who survives and who doesn’t, but how to get there is the big question.

So–today I am pressing on toward the end, aided by my handy dandy Excel chart.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Dianne

    That is hilarious! Yep, I’m slightly claustrophobic so being stuck in an elevator would kind of freak me out. Someone thought it was funny to lock me in a utility closet in college late one night; they regretted it once they heard my panicked screams! I hope your characters are not like me!


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