I’ve been thinking a lot about elevators–about how far you could fall and survive a tumble down an elevator shaft (pretty far, apparently–google “elevator shaft” and “survive” and you’ll find some pretty amazing stories) and especially how you would, um, relieve yourself if you had to be trapped in an elevator for hours–

Anyway, I thought this might be an interesting question to pose. If you had the foresight to prepare for being trapped in an elevator, what three things would you take into the elevator with you? (The problem, of course, is that no one ever knows when they’re going to be stuck, so I doubt anyone is ever adequately prepared.)

Still . . . inquiring minds want to know. What three things would you take with you into an elevator that’s less-than-reliable? (P.S. Cell phones are less-than-reliable in elevators).



  1. Carrie

    A really good (long) book, a bottle of water, and a box of protein bars. Of course, this is if I had the foresight that I was going to be stuck. If I ever did get stuck with what I usually carry in my purse, I could play Hot Wheels or Polly Pockets, sanitize my hands, and wipe my nose, and that’s about it!

  2. Angela

    Maybe that would have been a better question–with what you usually have with you, what could you do in an elevator?

    I could cover the walls with post it notes . . . and sanitize all the buttons on the panel. 🙂


  3. Accidental Poet

    I’d have something to read and a bottle of water. And a cellphone to play games on 🙂

    What do I usually have? Just the cellphone. and it DOES have a game on it …And a whole bunch of scrap paper that I could scribble poetry on …there’s usually candy that my kids have gotten after a restaurant meal that I have appropriated for them to have “later” …I also carry around a game called Pass the Pigs, no matter how small my purse is, because it keeps my kids happy in restaurants. Along those lines, I usually also have a keychain that has a boggle game on it. I used to have one that had a Scrabble game on it but Scrabble’s not so much a solitaire game.

  4. C.J. Darlington

    I usually have a swiss army pocketknife which has a saw, two blades, awl, can opener, screwdriver, scissors, and a fishhook remover. Most days I also have a small flashlight that can fit in my pocket (about the size of a lip gloss tube). But I’m kinda not the norm. A few band aids in my wallet finish up my inventory.

  5. Kristine dB

    Well, I would like to have a book, bottle of water, and something to munch on. But what I usually have …. If I’m carrying my purse I wouldn’t have much – a little Gideon’s Bible, some candy, lip gloss, lotion, sunglasses. But if I happened to have my bag with me (I am a student after all!), I would definitely have a book or two to add to the list from my purse. I’d also be able to do a lot of scribbling – have lots of scrap paper floating around!

  6. Deborah Raney

    If I could choose, I’d take the stack of writing and decorating magazines I’m SO far behind on reading (does a stack of 20 magazines count as one thing?), a big bag of Reese’s Pieces, and my lip gloss. : )

    If I had to work with what’s already in my purse, I’d have a whole year’s supply of lip gloss, plenty of pens and notepads and an arsenal of personal hygiene supplies–hand lotion, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, eyedrops–oh, and that necessity of life, mascara. ; )

  7. BJ

    My iPod, whatever I’m reading at the time (right now it would be Dean Koontz’s *Forever Odd*), and some Maelox (I tend to get nervous in elevators). Oh–can I bring my dog and cat, too, for entertainment?


  8. Pam Kumpe

    If I knew – I’d take my digital recorder, batteries and a flashlight. The recorder is for listening to everyone tell tales or whine about life. The flashlight would be so I could check out which of my new friends had brought food.

    If I had no idea – I have peppermint lip gloss and a Starbuck’s gift card, not very filling.

  9. Anonymous

    planning ahead…Super Gulp size water bottle (ice stays longer),cd player with a couple of my burned music discs and a couple protein bars

    if I had my school bag,then I’d have all the above as well as, 3 writing pens, post it notes,pack of gum, and my pocket knife with a screw driver,nail file,tweezers and
    small scissors. oh and I always carry a couple band-aids with me since I’m accident prone. 🙂 (I once won the game where girls all have to dump out their pocketbook and find the most/unusual item…if you had to search my car,I’d win hands down!!) LOL

  10. Betsy

    I hope I’d have a book,gum,and pens.

  11. Dianne

    I have my PDA so I could read or play a game, once I calmed down!


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