I so enjoyed reading your captions for the body-in-the-grass photo that I thought I’d give you another chance–create a caption for THIS photo, if you will!

(Wish I’d had this picture when I was blogging about bodily functions in fiction.)

Your regularly-scheduled blog for this space is appearing at “Charis Connection” today (Friday). See you there!



  1. Anonymous

    “Uhh … can we have a clean-up on aisle 3?”

    donna, who is defying Blogger’s attempt to sign me up.

    : )

  2. Melissa

    “Ahhhhh…the simple joys of life”
    if anyone has visited a foreign country…eg., South Korea it was a new and interesting experience to see people stopping at the nearest curb and doing their duty without a blink of they eye. When driving along the major freeway and traffic stopped and nature calls…well…ya know,there ya are.


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