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First, let me say how much I appreciate those of you who comment. I don’t always know the best way to respond, so I’ll just do it here–you make me smile and laugh and cheer, so please feel free to comment any time.

I’m working on THE ELEVATOR and boy, is this labor painful. I’m not sure whether it’s the season or the first-draft, but I feel a little like the man in this excerpt, from George Gissing’s NEW GRUB STREET:

The last volume was written in fourteen days. In this achievement Reardon rose almost to heroic pitch, for he had much to contend with beyond the mere labor of composition. Scarcely had he begun when a sharp attack of lumbago fell upon him; for two or three days it was torture to support himself at the desk, and he moved about like a cripple. Upon this ensued headaches, sore throat, general enfeeblement . . .

All this notwithstanding, here was the novel at length finished. When he had written “The End” he lay back, closed his eyes, and let time pass in blankness for a quarter of an hour.

It remained to determine the title. But his brain refused another effort; after a few minutes’ feeble search he simply took the name of the chief female character, Margaret Home. That must do for the book. Already, with the penning of the last word, all its scenes, personages, dialogues had slipped away into oblivion; he knew and cared nothing more about them.

LOL! I can relate to the writing with a headache and sore throat and feeling like you could barely sit up at the desk, but I have to say that I DO care about my characters even when I’m done. I may not always remember much about them, but I always care how they are received. 🙂

Have a great Friday and a blessed weekend!

Angie, who’s not even sure what lumbago is . . .


  1. Kristine dB

    Well, at least you don’t have to worry about your title! Keep on trucking Angie, you have a ton of fans who can’t wait for this book, even though it’s just in the beginning stages.

  2. eileen

    Angie, I just read Uncharted..and Lisa’s look at her parents while she’s on the island has had a profound effect on me. Wow! I’m a caretaker for my 85 yr old Alz mom. I admit to days of frustration. Your vivid picture is stuck in my brain. Thank you. I attended your CWG clinic last Feb. Thanks for so much. ekey95@yahoo.com

  3. Accidental Poet

    Angela I left you a comment this morning after spending the morning finishing “The Island of Heavenly Daze” instead of doing the laundry because how can you put a book down after you read “He’s got a squirrel on his head?” and now I can’t find it …ANYHOW, because I can’t find anywhere else to e-mail you from, I just wanted to say I just ordered a few books from your website 🙂


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