Thank the good Lord, it’s time to get back to work. Christmas was a lovely break, but I love ordinary life, too.

In fact . . . I was writing a friend about some, um, challenges that arose this Christmas, and she said, “Some people hope for a Norman Rockwell Christmas and end up with Salvador Dali.” Ha! Steph Whitson Higgins, you couldn’t have been more right. So if you have come through the holidays and found them less than picture-perfect, don’t feel that you were alone. I couldn’t help but think of some of my friends who were alone, away from home, dealing with family stresses, etc. When the rest of the world is celebrating and are positively enebriated with nostalgia and tradition, know that it’s okay to be . . . where you are. God is faithful even in our less-than-perfectness. He is with us even when the Christmas bulbs are shattered and the house is far too quiet.

And He is with us in the ordinary routine. Back to those women in the elevator . . . happy to report that they are officially IN the elevator and we have passed the inciting incident and moved into Act II. On schedule.



  1. Pam Kumpe

    Angela, I purchased your comprehensive study from Glorieta on writing fiction. I discovered your skeleton diagram on your blog where you tell of these points and as I wanted to print it to go with my notes from the tapes – it’s so small that when I print it off, it’s about 1 inch tall. Do you have a larger copy and would you be willing to email it to me?

    I wasn’t sure how else to contact you, so here I am.

    Thanks so much —

  2. C.J. Darlington

    Yeah, there’s nothing like getting back into your schedule. Holiday’s are nice, but …

    Thanks for keeping us updated on The Elevator. I was really intrigued by your brief synopsis posted a bit ago. Looking forward to how the story progresses. And by the way, what type of dog makes a cameo?


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