Last night I dreamed that Sydney and Nadia were fraternal twins separated at birth. (And this will only make sense if you watch ALIAS.) Oh, I know there are problems with that scenario, but someone in my dream fugue it made perfect sense. Because I so want Nadia to be Jack’s daughter, not the evil Sloane’s. (Though it is possible to have twins fathered by two different men, that seems far-fetched even for Irinia.)

This is what comes of watching ALIAS right before bed. And now the show takes a hiatus for Jennifer G. Affleck to enjoy her new baby.

If only I dreamed of my characters as easily as I dream of Jack and Syd, Vaughn, and Irina. But I will. There are times, when I’m deep into a project, that I dream-edit pages–I read text and strike words out and start over again. I only wish I could wake up with finished pages on the nightstand.

But I’m here to report that the six-page-per day routine is working very well, and for the first time I feel like I’m getting my footing in this project. Deadline is April first and I have many travel days between now and then, so I have to keep pushing on.

No hiatus for me. And I don’t suppose Nadia and Sydney could be twins . . . Jack would have noticed. (VBG)



  1. Anonymous

    Angela, I love your books! They just keep getting better and better. I’m not surprised that you like Alias. We’re watching them via dvd and are just starting the 4th season. But I can definately relate to dreaming about all these scenarios. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Well, you would think if they’re bringing Mikey back from the dead, surely Sid would have noticed he wasn’t really dead, even though he had all those holes in his chest! She would have at least saved his hockey magazines!!

    Ugh. Don’t get me started with Alias. Besides, I’m waiting for the entire season to come out on DVD so I can seriously go into Alias overload.

    : )


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