Yesterday I was somewhere doing something (sorry for the secrecy, but I am doing my utmost to protect a surprise Christmas gift), when someone saw me madly tapping on my NEO. What’s a Neo? It’s a small word processor made by Alphasmart, and it’s perfect for tossing into a book bag and taking around town when you have to run errands, etc. I’m first-drafting, you see, and when I’m on a roll I don’t like to stop for ANYTHING. “Just get it down,” is my motto, because even if I’m typing stinkiness, I can fix stinkiness. You can don’t anything with a blank page but fill it up.

Anyway–there I was, tapping away, and someone saw me and started asking about the Neo. Yes, it’s a word processor. No, it has nothing to do with The Matrix or Keanu Reaves. Yes, it’s light and durable, but yes, the keyboard is also full size. And yes, it runs for over a year on a few AA batteries. And yes, you just slide in a USB cord and your words flow from the NEO into your desktop or laptop word processing program.

Next thing I knew, this someone was asking me to order two Neos on her behalf for Christmas gifts. I promised to do so, and was tickled. I mean, I love my Neo, but I’ve never seen anything that sells itself like this gadget! (No, I don’t earn any kind of commission.)

So–that’s the news from this end. Oh, and I discovered that I have a broken bone in my spine. It’s healed over, but not very well, so if I strain the muscles attached to it–ouch. So now I have an excuse not to haul all those heavy boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic . . . yippee!

One more thing. In December, I’m having my annual 2-4-1 sale on my web site. Any books ordered from this page automatically get doubled with surplus from my stock. Got to get the garage cleared out for the new spring books.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Alton Gansky

    Enjoyed the post, Angie. Sorry to hear about the spine. I was, however, very glad to read that you were out Christmas shopping. I can hardly wait to see what you got me.


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