(Hi, Aunt Rene!) Photo is my late dog Justus and a puppy pal.

Today I reserved for decorating for Christmas–well, everything but the Christmas tree, which is the job of husband and son. They go out and get it; we put it up, I decorate it. Maybe tomorrow . . .

In any case, I tried to put up/out all the Christmas stuff , but found myself feeling . . . tired. We’re not having any Christmas parties this year, so I’m thinking less is definitely more. So I strung up some lights outside, pulled out the stockings, and unbagged the Christmas potpourri. Put some Christmas carols on the player piano and spent the day making the house look merry.

Truth be told, spent a lot of time in the attic vaccuming up droppings left by various rats and roaches. Ugh. The perils of living in Florida. Termites, rats, roaches . . . fortunately, none have yet invaded our living space . . . I think. Plus, it was HOT today, especially in the attic. Not exactly “chestnuts roasting” weather, unless you want to roast them on the sidewalk.

Anyway–my point (and I do have one) is is that decorating, etc., is great percolating time, especially when you’re first drafting. I found myself thinking about The Book, the work-in-progress, and had an idea . . . one that may be brilliant or may be dumb, but time will tell as I keep thinking about it.

Thanksgiving was fun yesterday, seeing my family, my aunts, and a whole crop of new little cousinettes . . . an entire new generation has sprung up while I wasn’t looking. I’m now a great-aunt . . . hard to believe. And my Aunt Irene told me she reads my blog, so consider this a cyber-hug, Aunt Rene. 🙂 She’s only been on the Internet for a little while, and already she’s found blogs. We’ll turn her into a blogmeister yet. VBG. (Aunt Rene, that means Very Big Grin.)

Hope your holiday has been warm and restful . . . and vermin free.



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