I feel a bit like these little guys today–a little bug-eyed and loopy. Had a wonderful time with the librarians yesterday, then flew home and took care of some household things. Have two major items on my to-do list: finish my revisions of MAGDALENE by Sunday, and finish my master’s degree writing project by Thursday. Will be speaking in a school on Tuesday, so that’s a writing day out of next week.

Take a look at the little “Frapper” sticker in the sidebar–a hat tip to Randy at Ethos for this one. Click on the sticker, then enter your name, zip code, and a picture if you want, and we’ll see ourselves on a national map. Pretty cool! What will the guys at Google think of next?

Cindy S. tells me there’s going to be an English version of “Mostly Martha” staring Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas. That’s cool. And, speaking of “food movies,” if you haven’t watched “Eat Drink, Man, Woman” (Am I remembering that correctly?), it’s a wonderful film. Alas, another subtitled one, but I don’t even notice the subtitles once the movie begins.


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  1. Cindy

    Angela, I’ve also found that subtitles don’t bother me. One of my favorite movies is Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful”–subtitles, no problem. Same with “The Passion of the Christ.” In fact, I think “The Passion” was even more effective for being in the original languages.


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