Last night I baked two pumpkin pies, one pecan pie, and made one cranberry relish salad. I also began to make my favorite yeast rolls, but the shortening smelled funny . . . and even after being mixed with the yeast, the flour, and the eggs, it still smelled funny.

So I tossed the living, sticky mess into the garbage can. There’s a lesson there–if one ingredient is rancid, the entire concoction will be rancid. Better to start over or forget about it.

We’re driving over to the family reunion, where we’ll check in with those folks we only see once a year or so, then we’ll head back home and try not to feel guilty about eating so much when others have so little.

Father, make us mindful of our blessings today and every day. And open our eyes to those who have less so we may share.


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  1. Carrie

    Have a blessed Thanskgiving!


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