So I’m sitting in the lovely Moments with Majesty bookstore in Pickerington, Ohio, chatting with Renee and Pam and Renee’s mom about writing Christian fiction, and I glance down the aisle. And here comes a lovely woman who looks familiar . . . and then I realize I’m about to meet B.J. Hoff, historical novelist and kindred spirit, for the first time.

B.J. and I have been email friends for years, but we have never crossed paths. But here she was, as gracious and lovely and warm in person as she is in her blog and in her emails. What a treat–BJ, if you’re reading this, thanks so much for taking time out of your “week off” to come and visit. You added so much to the conversation.

Had a lovely visit with the students at two Tree of Life Schools . . . talked about God and writing with kindergarten through fifth grade students. We had a lot of fun writing stories together! Thank you, Mrs. Sharon Shanks, for all your hard work! You have the face of an angel, you know . . .

Tomorrow–more schools and a visit to The Bookery in Mansfield, Ohio! Can’t wait! Those folks knew my hubby when he was knee high!



  1. BJ

    It was–indeed–my pleasure, Angie. And since I’m “on break” right now from blogging, I’ll just go ahead and borrow *your* blog to embarrass you and let everyone know you really were blessed with a model’s looks, a mercurial mind, a terrific sense of humor, and a killer smile.

    Wish we’d had more time. It was great.


  2. Angela

    Ah, BJ, you do have an Irish lass’s gift for blarney . . . (VBG). You make me blush, which isn’t easy to do!

    Blessings on your head today!


  3. Cindy

    Wow…two of my very favorite authors hobnobbing together! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall. Better yet, wish I could’ve actually been there…I would love to meet both of you!

  4. lisa

    I’m so jealous I could scream!!!!

    I think I will.



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