We had our book club meeting tonight and discussed THE BIRTH OF VENUS. On the whole, we liked it–an average rating of 3 1/2 stars. We loved the active presentation of history and learning about art, but we felt the ending a little bumpy and the tattoo a shade too much like a gimmick. We would recommend the book to mature readers only.

Next month my book club is reading Little Beauties by Kim Addonizio. It’s contemporary and looks light, which will be a nice change from this month’s book.

Someone asked how many words I write–on a typical day, I average between five and six thousand words per day. I’ve written seven thousand a day occasionally, and once wrote eleven thousand when I was away from the Internet. (VBG). I do spend a lot of time reading/writing email, so I have to “go under” when time is tight.
My motto is “get it down,” so I do write fast and sloppy. But I do at least four drafts before I hand a book in, and the work gets tighter and longer with each draft.



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  1. Paula

    Hi Angie,
    Fun to find you here. I just started a new novel, and guess what? All your help in the fiction clinic in CO and your little story skeleton made plotting so easy and fun–and I’m typing away. Whew! You are one terrific teacher.


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