LOL. In the comments, Kathy asked if I was a “prophetic” writer . . . not in any revelatory sense, but I have had some brow-lifting moments.

My book, THE PEARL, which features the Raelians and cloning, released the same week the Raelians announced they had cloned a human baby. I had no idea they were “close” (I still don’t know if they did it, but they said they did.)

THE CANOPY released the same week a mad cow was discovered in the US. Yep, the book is about mad cow and other prion diseases.

I wrote about a plane crash and the World Trade Center in THE NOTE, which released in January 2001. I also wrote in that book that Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl, which they weren’t even close to winning . . . until January 2003.

This one is too funny–when I started wondering about how they diapered babies in biblical times, I discovered “elimination timing.” And just TODAY I was going through a stack of magazines only to discover that in the 9-26-2005 NEWSWEEK, there’s an article on “infant potty training”–modern moms doing away with diapers. Check it out at LOL.

How do these things happen? Mostly serendipity, I think, though some of it undoubtedly springs from the fact that I am fascinated by a lot of things that are in the news. And you know what? It never fails that when I’m writing about something, I “suddenly” begin to run into things about the topic–or vice versa. For instance, I was taking a course in advanced New Testament studies when I was invited to write MAGDALENE . . . and discovered that my research was already well underway.

Ah, God is sovereign. We only think we are in control of our lives. (VBG) And in that sentence you’ll find the theme of THE NOVELIST . . .



  1. Carrie

    Totally off-topic, but what age are your “Young Performers” and “Nikki Holland” series appropriate for? I have an almost-nine-year-old daughter who reads at a 7th grade level. It’s increasingly hard to find reading material that challenges her and yet is appropriate for a young girl.

  2. Angie Hunt

    Hi, Carrie:

    Either the “Young Believers” or the “Nicki Holland” books would work for your daughter. They’re written for and about middle schoolers, and I think she’d enjoy them since kids like to read about kids a little older than themselves.


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