It’s October 1st, 11:33 p.m., and Magdalene was due October 1st. I’m happy to report that it was submitted with thirty minutes to spare.

Whew. And tomorrow I’m going home and can beginning putting life back in order.

I have to read THE BIRTH OF VENUS on the plane home because my book club is meeting Monday night and I haven’t finished the book yet. And I’m throwing a baby shower Tuesday night and have yet to even think about food, etc . . .

Yes, life is back to normal, but the book is handed in!

I’d dance, but I’m too tired. (VBG)



  1. Accidental Poet

    Well done. I’ve just recently started my first novel and it seems unbelievably difficult to me. (Part of the problem is the person in my head screaming “you’re a poet!” over and over again) I think I have a lot to learn …

  2. Carrie

    Good for you. I am so excited to read it!


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