I’ve been saving this photograph for weeks, in honor of the fun tonight. Yes, despite some misgivings about Halloween, I’ve decided to turn it into an occasion for celebration, so I sit out on my front porch with the pumpkins and give candy and books to any child who happens by. It’s a balmy night here in central Florida, so I’m sure I’ll have a few mosquitoes to keep me company. And Charley, of course.

(Charley? My mastiff puppy. The only mastiff I have left and a Very Spoiled Canine.)

Got home from Glorieta last night after eleven p.m. and have spent the day clearing the desk and getting my mind back together. Will have to start writing again soon, but more on that later. Have revisions on MAGDALENE to do, but am waiting for my editor’s revision letter (hint, hint.) Oops–here it is!

Back to work,


  1. Carrie

    You’re giving out books?! Yours would have been my favorite house to trick-or-treat at when I was a kid.

  2. Ruth

    Freek AEH books?!! How cool!

  3. Swan

    Giving out books is such a great idea! Nobody ever comes trick-or-treating at my house, though, so I may not get a chance to implement that idea 🙁

  4. Patrica

    loved these puppies …


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