It has occurred to me that lots of folks who pop into this blog have never read one of my books. That’s rather like hanging around Starbucks to use the wi-fi and breathe in the delicious aroma without ever taking a sip, don’t you think? But never mind, no sour grapes here. Honest. In fact, I am offering–and have always offered–a free book to anyone who wants one. All you have to do is pony up for the postage and the fancy padded mailer. My cluttered garage will thank you.

If you’d like a free book, visit this link and click on the “free book” button. So simple. Leave your postage/padded envelope deposit with PayPal, and I’ll get your free book right out to you.

BTW, I think my web hosting company’s server has been on the fritz. So if the link is slow or inoperative today, try again tomorrow. I’ve used them for years without a problem, but Mr. Murphy always seems to show up . . .



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  1. Ruth

    Coming from someone who’s been a fan of Angela’s since I first read the Theyn Chronicles ten plus years ago, TAKE HER UP ON HER OFFER!! Her books are AMAZING!!!


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