Actually, I’m not going to Philly at all, I just like the alliteration. I’m on my way to Savannah, and I suppose I ought to be grateful–came here without a seat, but I’ve just seen my name shot up on the “cleared” list, so I suppose they found room for me. So I’m sitting here on the floor, legs out, laptop on lap (alliteration again!), and I’d say “arms akimbo,” but they’re not. Ever notice how many romance writers use the word “akimbo”? And “splayed.” And “hunker down.” Take out your highlighter the next time you read a romance, and you’ll see what I mean.

I suppose we all have our habits. I remember once I was writing a very action-oriented series, and no one could pick up an AK-47 machine gun without “slamming the cartridge home.” And no one could turn on a computer without it “whirring and lagging” in response. We all have our pet phrases, and usually by the time we recognize them, it’s time to kill them off. Big sigh.

Tomorrow I’m speaking in at least one Savannah Christian school, then home before dark, I think. I hope. And home the rest of the week. 🙂 I’m having the grout cleaned, the exterminator is coming (found evidence of rats in the attic yesterday as I pulled down the tin pumpkins.)

Well, time to board ze plane, ze plane.



  1. Yong-Yong

    I came across your books at a local library, and I enjoy all of the ones that I have read so far. I visited your website (which lead me to your Blog), but unfortunately there isn’t an “About the Author” page. I would like to get to know more about the author behind these brilliant books, not only because I want to, but also because I am writing a report on two of your books…and one of the requirements for the reports is to briefly write about the author.

  2. Angela

    Chloe, try the “How I Became a Writer” page under “services” . . . I think.


  3. Ruth

    Angela, this blog made me smile…so true! Have a blessed day!


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