Photo: I’ve been talking a lot about my big dogs. This is Justus in my old convertible. Yep, the 275-pound dog.

Wow. The submission time on this blog is accurate, and what a day it’s been. A wonderful day.

Met Debbie and Bethany, my wonderful Nelson reps and hostesses, at eight a.m., and we drove to the Grove City Christian School, where I spoke to a gym filled with students, then taught a writing workshop for the older elementary students. Had my first experience with a smart tablet/smart board–interesting computer setup where just HOLDING a certain colored marker in your left hand enables you to write on a screen with your right hand’s fingertip. Hmmm. Wonderful students, so thank you, Grove City!

After a quick lunch, we drove to Gahanna Christian Academy (and I do hope I’m spelling that right) where I spoke to the elementary chapel and then did two writing workshops for middle and high school students. The cutest thing happened in the elementary chapel–because I wouldn’t have the young ones for the writing workshop, I let them ask questions. Most of the kids asked about where a writer’s ideas come from and how long it takes me to write a book, but this adorable kindergartner on the first row raised his hand. When I called on him, he asked me to unbutton his shirt! LOL! Seems his top button was too tight. So I unbuttoned his shirt and moved on while the teachers giggled. I guess I look like a mother figure. (VBG)

After a brief break, Debbie and I (and her very cool daughter Bethany) drove to Mansfield, where I talked to folks about publishing at the Bookery, a WONDERFUL Christian bookstore in town. They have everything! Best of all, I had friends in attendance–one of our Heavenly Dazers, Ruth Wengard, relatives of my dear friend Bill Wilt, and relatives and friends of my dear hubby (who happened to send me flowers via the store. He’s a nice man. I think I’ll keep him.)

Tammy, the manager of The Bookery, did a great job getting the word out. Thanks, Tammy!
In the middle of the bookery meeting, I ran into Tammy’s office and did a “telephone book club meeting” with Diana Rendon and her book club down in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks, ladies, for the fun time!

Anyway, thank you to all of my husband’s Mansfield friends and relatives who came out to say hello. It was such a joy to see you–next time I’ll have to bring my other half.

Tomorrow? More schools, a luncheon, and a church. Looking forward to another busy day.
Oh–and just in case any of those students have forgotten the link to my doggie pictures, here it is: Enjoy.

Signing off for now,


  1. Anonymous

    I am cracking up! What a great pix!! Just what I needed today. Thanks for sharing, lady! BTW: my day started off with a sunrise walk on the beach (before you think I’m so energetic, no, I am never up before 9:00, so this was highly unusual), and the positively cutest golden retriever puppy crossed my path. And chewed on my thumb for about five minutes. And needed her belly rubbed for another five. She started off my day in the most positively awesome way. With that start, and this ending, the day just elevated from “ugh” to “okay.” : )


  2. Ruth

    Thanks for the link…the pictures of your dogs are incredible! I never knew much about the mastiff breed…they sound like amazing dogs.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, I was your order taker at dinner last night(arby’s) and the ladies with you told me a little about you. I love to read so I figured I would look up a few books before I headed out to the library to get them. Looks like I may have found a new favorite author!!!!!Enjoy the rest of your tour and I look forward to many hours of exciting reading.
    Angie H.

  4. Angela

    Another “Angie H?” LOL. Happy reading! And the next time I’m at the Mansfield Arby’s, I’ll be sure to look you up!

    Angie H the elder


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