Whew. Just came back from a wonderful visit to The Village School in Gaffney, SC. What wonderful students, and how well they listened. We talked about listening for God’s voice and building a plot skeleton . . . and I hope the students will begin to write stories of their own. Thank you, students, for welcoming me so warmly!

Yesterday I visited Oconee Christian Academy in Seneca and also had a wonderful time with the students AND their parents (at a PTF fellowship last night). They have a great group of students and devoted parents, so I’m sure they’ll be reading and writing up a storm in the coming weeks. Plus, their book fair kicked off yesterday, so they are extra-motivated to get busy. Thank you, OCA students and staff, for making my visit a wonderful experience.

Now . . . home for long enough to unpack and repack, then I leave tomorrow morning for sweater weather! Looking forward to a long weekend in Michigan.

Am still sad about Sadie . . . but I will always have fond memories of the old girl. She was hilarious–bossy to the end. She was the alpha in our house and boy, did she ever let the others know it. Justus, who outweighed her by about a hundred pounds, used to turn his head just to avoid her gaze when she walked by. And Charley–well, he tried not to come within ten feet of her, but the morning she died, my hubby said that Charley came over and lay right down next to her. Wonder what he was thinking?

Thank you for the many kind comments of consolation. I know animal lovers will understand. And I’m more convinced than ever that those of us who love animals will be reunited with them in heaven.

Well, am sitting in an airport waiting for a flight home, so I’ll get started on the work I brought.



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