As the Lord would have it, my daily Bible reading this morning was about the poor. It included these verses, among others:

Psalm 109:31 “He stands beside the needy, ready to save them from those who condemn them.

Psalm 113:7
He lifts the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump.

Psalm 146:9
The Lord protects the foreigners among us. He cares for the orphans and widows.

Psalm 112:1,9
Happy are those who fear the Lord . . . . They give generously to those in need.

Psalm 41:1
Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor. The Lord rescues them in times of trouble.

Did you know that tithes were to be given not only to the Levites and the Temple, but also to the “foreigners living among you, the orphans, and the widows” (Deut. 14:29)?

I know there are many, many desperate needs at this time, but if you’ve been looking for a “face” to latch onto in this time of tragedy, let me tell you about my brother and sister in law. Shane is a Campus Life missionary who lives on faith . . . and most of his financial supporters are from New Orleans. His supporters now have nothing. Vicki, his wife, ran a catering company that serviced movie companies who came to film in New Orleans. She started the business only a little over a year ago, and she was due to start a movie next week . . . now there’s no movie, and there won’t be one for some time to come.

I don’t want to go into a lot of personal stuff, but they also have an adult son and a teenage boy living with them . . . a young teenager who eats a lot. (VBG) If you’ve raised a teenage boy, you know what I mean.

If you feel led by the Spirit to help them once or on a regular basis, please send your tax-deductible contribution to Shane O’Hara, c/o Campus Life, PO Box 2438, Covington, LA 70434. (You will receive a receipt.) If not this family, I pray the Lord will lead you to someone else.



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