Spent the day driving among these mountains . . . and spoke at Asheville Christian School today. Taught four classes to two great groups of kids and had a wonderful time with their librarian, Rebecca Freeman, and their administrator, Susie. (She has kissed a pig in the past to motivate her kids!)

Saw a gleam enter some young eyes today, especially boys. And while it’s given that girls will read about boys, boys won’t always read about girls, so it’s good when a (female) teacher can motivate boys to read and write. What a wonderful day.

Also learned some things about salesmanship–things that don’t come naturally to me. I really don’t like talking about my books, but if I didn’t believe in them, why’d I write them in the first place? So I have to find a way to talk about them that 1) excites kids and 2) doesn’t make it sound like I think I’m all that and a bag of chips.

Tomorrow–Seneca, Wednesday–someplace else, (no secret, I just don’t remember) and then home long enough to move the mail and change the clothes in the suitcase. Then it’s off again!

And after October 1, I think I truly will take a vacation. I have lots of traveling to do this fall, plus I want to finish my master’s, plus I’ll have rewrites . . . but I don’t think I’ll take on anything else. Need to veg for a while. That’s the only time I really get ideas.



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