. . . which means this post will even be less organized than usual.

The picture of the smiling kitty is for Anna, who gave her cat a brushing today. (VBG)

I just watched BRIDE AND PREJUDICE, a charming Indian movie based on the Jane Austen story, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, of course. The movie is also charming, and the saris are to die for. I found myself wishing I was Indian, just to wear the clothes.

While working on MAGDALENE, I found myself wishing I was Jewish, not for the clothes, but for the rich culture. And then I wanted to live in ancient Rome. I’ve also wanted to be Irish and English . . .

Is it just me, or do all writers want to live in someone else’s skin? Maybe that’s why we enjoy writing novels . . . in a sense, we ARE living in someone else’s skin.

Printed out MAGDALENE to take with me on my assorted travels next week (going to South Carolina and Michigan, gone for seven days, maybe blogging, maybe not.) It’s pretty much done, though I’ll be tweaking. Sent my editor an in-case-the-plane-crashes copy. Maybe I should send one to my agent, too.

Have a book signing tonight and tomorrow morning at my home church bookstore, then it’s off to the airport and the treadmill week officially begins. Of course, this entire month has felt like a treadmill, but at least I’ll be moving next week, instead of keeping the rear in chair.

The ALIAS season premiere is Thursday night. Better teach hubby how to tape it for me.

Said hubby is now waiting to take me to Cracker Barrel, so must run.



  1. Anna

    Happy tweaking on MAGDALENE, and thanks for the smiling kitty! Makes up for those “I didn’t say you could groom me THERE” looks (though don’t we give God those looks ourselves?)

    Good to hear the thumbs up on Bride and Predjucide — must grab that soon. The setting, the clothes, and Naveen Andrews. All good.

    Ooh, and Cracker Barrel…you are living the good life. 🙂

  2. Ruth

    Awww, I loved the kitty pic…it reminds me of my own cat. And glad to hear that you enjoyed “Bride & Prejudice”…it was so much better than I expected! I really enjoyed it (and my brother was a good bro and got it for me for my birthday!). *grin*


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