No, this is not my dog, but Charley does the same thing. Fills his mouth with MULTIPLE tennis balls and tries to place the drooly things in my lap.

Did you know that writers really can’t get disability insurance? I learned this a few years ago when we bought some new term life insurance policies. The salesman was doing his thing, trying to sell us insurance for every contingency under the sun, and he kept saying that disability insurance was a good idea. I was skeptical, but asked him to check into it.

A very disappointed salesman called me back later to say that as a writer, I wasn’t technically disabled unless I had no brain waves whatsoever. (Of course, then I’d be dead). So even if I’m in the hospital with broken bones, Ebola, or what-have-you, I’m expected to keep working.

So . . . why did I bring this up? Because the dreaded cold has now officially moved to my nose and though I’d really love to go to bed and let the antihistamines do their thing, I have to sit here and keep working. Hard. There are now eleven days remaining in my work schedule, and this book is a long way from being done. Of course it will be done, Lord willing, because I have carefully appropriated a certain number of pages to those remaining eleven days (this is where my obsessiveness becomes apparent), but that means no naps. No disability claims.

That’s okay–I’d much rather have a cold than Ebola or what-have-you . 🙂



  1. Ruth

    Get better, soon, Angie! Zicam works best for me, even when the cold is full-blown…I get a lot of relief from my symptoms and I usually don’t have to take off work (unless I have a fever or the flu or something). Didn’t know writers couldn’t get disability insurance…hmmm…kinda a bummer there. Anyway, best of luck with your work! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. BJ

    I *want* this dog. He’s almost as adorable as my own Clever Trevor. Isn’t he the guy who won Westminster a couple of years ago? Looks like him.

    Yep, like you told me, the Airborne once a day isn’t enough when you already have the symptoms. As soon as I know something is trying to grab onto me, I start it every 30 minutes for a couple of hours, then keep on it fairly consistently until I feel the symptoms go away.

    And they do. I suppose I should pray that the magic goes on! In any event, since I had trouble finding it last year, I’m already stocking up for fall.



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