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I’d like to formally announce the grand opening of “Charis Connection,” a blog especially geared for people who are interested in reading and/or writing fiction from a Christian perspective. I wish I could claim the idea, as I think it’s a grand one, but suffice it to say that a great team of honest-to-goodness multi-published experts have assembled to comment on the art of writing, the work of reading, and life in general. You’ll find columns to make you think, comments to make you cheer, and remarks to make you laugh. [Those will probably be mine. I’ve had a chance to preview some of the things coming up, and in comparison my ramblings feel like those of a woman who sits around all day making motorboat sounds with her lips. (VBG) ]

The URL is Be sure to check it out, bookmark the page, and leave your comments. And remember to thank these busy professionals who have agreed to take the time to participate!


  1. Robin Bayne

    Great idea for a combined blog!!!

  2. Paul

    I went to Charis Connection; bookmarked and started reading. Great Stuff. Great People.

    Maybe someday I can…


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