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I don’t usually post on Saturdays–well, maybe I do, but it’s a fluke because Saturday is my Sabbath. Nothing that looks like work. Which is why this post is about dogs.

I’m a dog person, as you might have guessed. Most of the adorable pics on my blogs have come to me over the net, but today’s pics are my dogs–I’m a mastiff person. King of the canines.

In fact, I have devoted some of my website to my dogs–but it’s a hidden link, which you won’t find on my pages. But here it is, if you’re interested:

We had a bit of a scare this week. Sadie, affectionally known as “Satan” by our friends because she tries to eat anyone who comes to the house (I’m not kidding), began to, um, pee indiscriminately all over the kitchen (thank heaven for tile floors). She’s nine, which is pretty geriatric for a mastiff. I took her to the vet, thinking that if her kidneys had begun to fail, we might be looking at the end. But the vet gave us antibiotics and drew blood, then later called to say that Sadie was as healthy as a horse.

Which confirms what we’ve known all along. She’s too onery to get sick. I could tell you about the 12 weeks I took her to the canine psychotherapist, but you’d think I was making it up. (VBG)

My best buddy, the dog-love of my life, was Justus, who we lost two years ago. I now have a replacement puppy who I love dearly, but he’s quite a different temperament. He’s lively, and very attached to his mama (that’d be me). (Dog by the window is Justus.)

When I was writing Unspoken, I tossed out a few ideas to some writer friends and I was frankly amazed that so many people honestly doubted animals’ ability to think, feel emotion, even to decieve. I laughed–just from owning my dogs, I know that animals do those three things and much more! (Well, at the moment I can’t think of how my dogs have deceived me, but there’s a great true story about how Koko the gorilla once lied to her trainer. And I know my dogs have made messes they really wish I wouldn’t find.)

There’s a special that’s making the rounds on cable TV–I think it’s called “Jane Goodall’s When Animals Speak” or something like that. Watch it if you can. It’s amazing, and puts me in awe of what God has given animals to do . . . and how little we really understand them.

Well, I’ve rambled long enough. It’s Saturday and I have a house to clean. Have a blessed weekend!



    I fondly remember Justus and am a great admirer of Charley-Gansky (from his puppyhood). Folks who don’t believe in the emotions and thinking power of our canine (and feline) friends must be pet-deprived. I can vouch for the fact that they fib, procrastinate, tease, grieve (oh, how dogs can grieve), grin, and … love. Always, they love.


  2. Anonymous

    Well, now, I have to weigh in on this subject. My dog, Mario, who actually lives with my brother and his family, wears his emotions right out there on his furry little sleeve. When I show up, he’s a nut dog, literally too excited to leave me alone long enough to take off my shoes and toss my keys on the desk. When I leave, he’s sad and slinky, like he knows I’ll never ever ever come back and see him again. My brother says he knows more English than … well, I won’t say it. But all we have to say is, “Go get a Milk Bone,” and he does, or, “Wanna go to the beach?” and he’s dancing for joy at the thought.

    Ahh. Any friend of a dog is a friend of mine.

    Thanks for the chance to bask in a Mario moment! : )

    donna fleisher

    P.S. There’s a Mario Gallery at my blog if ya wanna take a look.

  3. dburns

    We are the owners of a 10 month old Mastiff. We dearly love her,she’s the sweetest thing. Very well behaved and gentle, just huge! Already guarded when strangers approach, but gentle as a lamp once she realizes it’s safe. We also have a Cairn Terrier and they have become the best of friends.


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