Back at work today, and battling a host of silly problems that can be distracting–for one, the computer is sluggish and I’m fighting what I call “sticky keys”-in short, the keyboard isn’t responding like it should, which means every other word is missing a letter. Ack!

But–the work is coming, steadily and surely. And my editor sent me two proposed covers–which do you find most appealing for a novel about Mary Magdalene? “Hooded Mary”(lower left) or “Curly Mary” (upper right)? One “for what it’s worth” note–no devout Jewish woman would go out with her head uncovered. And since there is NO biblical evidence to indicate Mary M. was a prostitute, she follows a different path in my book . . .

Just leave me a comment and I’ll report back to my editor. Thanks for your help!


  1. Ruth

    Tough choice with the covers! They’re both gorgeous…I love the first cover (I guess that is “Curly Mary”) but maybe she looks a bit to Renaissance period-ish? The 2nd cover is beautiful as well but a since the colors are more muted…I don’t know…to me the second one looks more like a Biblical portrait? Just my 2 cents’ worth…poorly expressed, sorry ’bout that!
    I read the article in yesterday’s blog…I LOVE the fact that this book is going to come out the same time as the “DaVinci Code” movie. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Lora

    I realize that this probably won’t help you out at all, and please try not to laugh at my suggestion, but…
    Is there any way that a hood can be painted over “curly Mary(‘s)” hair? The first cover is definitely my favorite, but I think that it is important to be as historically accurate as possible.
    Yet another HUGE fan,
    Clinton, NJ

  3. Anonymous

    The first cover is by far my favorite……and readers will pick it up! The other one is boring….in my opinion at least! I know the cover can make or break a book so I hope the editors listen to your readers this time!

  4. Anonymous

    Truth be told, I’m not overly thrilled about either cover. Regardless of their head coverings, the women do not look Jewish – they look Italian.

    However, since you asked us to choose, I think I prefer the first one.

    As far as being historically accurate, Mary may not have worn a head covering as a “prostitute.” She probably wouldn’t have worn one until she was redeemed by Christ.

    Other than the cover, the book looks wonderful and I will anxiously await its release.

  5. Ellie

    Love both covers but I have to agree that the covered one looks more accurate. Can’t wait for the book to come out. I think you are the greatest of writers and have read everything I can get my hands on.

  6. Sue

    I like the fonts of the “curly” cover and the head shot on the covered cover. How’s that for confusing? I like the look of the Curly cover, but it looks like she’s plucked and shaped her eyebrows and is wearing very 2005 makeup, to me.
    Besides, if the cover picture isn’t historically acurate, won’t it drive you nuts in a month or two?

  7. biloxi, ms

    i like the “curly haired” cover best.

  8. Anonymous

    I prefer the looks of the first (unhooded) cover. Can’t they put a hood that one?

  9. Deborah Raney

    I’m with Sue. I like the hooded Mary, but the layout of the other cover, with the type in a band across the cover, etc.

  10. Robin

    I like the curly one far more than the other one. And who said she has “gone out.” Can’t that be her at home in her own quarters?


  11. Carrie

    I prefer the first. Also, I thought Mary Magdalene was the one who had been delivered of demonic possession, not a prostitute. Or was she both? I always get those stories mixed up.

  12. Anna

    I like elements of both. The colors and composition of the curly cover, but I’d love to see a hood on it. So my vote, on historical things alone, would be the hooded cover, but artistically, the curly cover. If curly could get a hood, then I’d vote there.

    Helpful, huh? I’d buy it in plain brown paper, too. I see your name on the cover, and it’s in my basket.





  14. Anonymous

    Looking at the two covers, I prefer the second one, or the ‘hooded’ Mary. To me it looks more like the Mary Magdalene I picture.

    Joanne (Heavenly Daze list)

  15. Hope

    I love the “curly” Mary. It’s beautiful. 🙂

  16. C.J. Darlington

    I’m liking Curly Mary better, maybe because she seems a little more relatable to modern folks.

  17. Diane Eble

    Hi Angie,

    I like the first (upper, unhooded) cover better.


  18. Susan R

    I’m definitely all for historical accuracy, but the design of the first cover is much more eye catching. The graphics and the colors work together to make the cover stand out more. If you have to choose between accuracy and sales potential, well, take the sales potential and go with the “curly Mary” cover.

  19. Anonymous

    I love the expression on hooded Mary’s face, but the curly Mary cover is much more eye-appealing. I would definitely be drawn to curly Mary for the color and layout of the cover. I’d probably overlook hooded Mary–until I saw your name on it–then it wouldn’t matter–I’d buy it anyway! So, my vote is for curly Mary. Thanks for asking!

  20. Anonymous

    The uncovered one looks lilke Cher. But both are nice. I think the covered is more realistic. Deb

  21. lisa

    No. 1, Ange, especially the layout. I don’t like the overall look of no. 2. As far as historical accuracy, I don’t really care. I’m taking it these are artists renderings of MM from earlier art periods, right?

  22. Angie Poole

    I’m also going with Curly Mary, but only because of the lightness of the picture and the clear lettering.

    The second Mary, though equally beautiful, looks sad. She’s looks like she’s just seen the gardener.

    Curly Mary has seen her Rabbouni.

  23. Accidental Poet

    The second one. The first one looks too …ripe.

  24. Judi

    I think the first one. I always pictured mary magdalene of someone who had a kind look and a woman who brightened up the room where she was. I really like the first one because I think people need to know that Mary was a very special person and not one that should have been hidden in the back. That is why I like the first one better.

  25. Ruthie

    I like “Curly Mary” better…the layout is appealing and the overall cover is lighter and brighter. Besides, a lot of people think MM was a prostitute even if you didn’t portray her as such. In my mind, “Curly Mary” looks more prostitute-ish (is that a word?) than the other one.

  26. Dianne Magnuson

    l like the 2nd one for the cover, Angela – she looks more like the Mary you are trying to portray!!! l just finished your book THE AWAKENlNG and loved it … what an exciting book!!!! Thanks for keeplng us reading and inspiring us to do our best for God’s kingdom!!! Have a great day!!!

    ln Jesus’ precious name,


  27. Rev. Jim Pickens

    Angela, my preference is the “Hooded Mary.” Reasons: her complexion is more in line with mid-eastern types and the hood is appropriate for a woman of that time period and culture.

    Further, if the real Mary were a prostitute at one time, let’s view her as a “new creation” whose sins were forgiven and removed from her as far as the east is from the west (Ps. 103:20). So let’s look at her just as God sees us: “perfect through the blood of Jesus Christ.”

    Continued blessings on you and your family!

    Dr. Jim Pickens, Sr. Pastor, House Of Faith, Hudson, FL

  28. Darlene Stevens

    I like “hooded” Mary (below).

  29. Anonymous

    When I think of Mary Magdalene, the image of Monica Bellucci in the Passion of Christ sticks in my mind. To be honest, I would pick up ANY book that had your name as the author. That said, I like the first one, but maybe with a head covering? Can’t wait to pick it up!

  30. Mimi

    Hi Angie. I like the first picture but she looks too glamorous to me. The 2nd cover is ok but if I walked by it not knowing who the author was, I probably wouldn’t pick it up. It didn’t draw me in. It looked a bit dark. It was also hard to read the title on the 2nd cover. I would love the 1st cover if she were toned down with a covering on. That or the 2nd one brighter with Mary looking less like a painting. Thanks Angie for looking to your readers for our thoughts!

    In Christ,

  31. Anonymous

    Hi Angie,
    I like the second cover – she looks more humble as I’ve always imagined her to be. The second one also just simply looks like better art.
    Cara from H.Daze
    Burnt Hills, NY

  32. Anonymous

    I prefer the first (unhooded) one. As another commenter noted, perhaps she’s uncovered because she’s at home. That cover catches my eye more; if I saw the other one on a bookshelf I’d think it was a history book (before I saw your name, of course) rather than a novel. Question for you: Which one looks more like what you’d pictured as you were writing?

  33. Pam

    I prefer the unhooded Mary. The cover is not as dark and “forboding” maybe. Could a hood be added to this cover?

  34. Kim Branson from Alaska

    I agree that the “Curly Mary” cover is more appealing at first glance, but the “Hooded Mary” spoke to me, if that makes any sense… However, one of the things that comes to mind is the woman who weeps at Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her tears – the “Curly Mary” certainly has the hair for that, but don’t know if the Bible refers to this particular woman as Mary Magdalene.

    Thanks for asking for reader input.

    PS: I picked up your new book the other day (Unspoken?) and can’t wait to read it!


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