is scheduled to launch this morning. I have a personal tie to the space program, mainly because I grew up in Brevard County (aka ‘the Space Coast’) during the heydey of the race to the moon. We used to watch launches from our front yard, and until you’ve seen a launch at night, well, you haven’t seen a launch. (VBG)

I remember watching the rocket go up, seeing the thruster fall away, and then, much later, hearing the rumble that shook all the dishes in our cabinets. I remember the heartbreak of the three astronauts killed in the flash fire . . . and the Challenger disaster. When the Columbia broke apart not so long ago, again I felt it like a personal blow.

My dad worked at the Space Center for years before he retired. He was among the hundreds who literally picked up the pieces of the Challenger and put them back together to learn what went wrong.

It’s such a bold step by mankind–to ride a roaring rocket beyond the bounds of gravity in an attempt to float, god-like, above the earth for a few hours . . . I’ve gotta admire the sheer courage involved in such a feat.

Let’s remember the space shuttle crew this morning in our prayers. May they ride safely . . . and may they ride.


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