No rants today, I promise. I have to run out this morning and order some Nangie tee shirts (if you know, fine, if you don’t know–it’s too complicated to explain) and then I have to do two things, well, three:
1) beef up act one of MAGDALENE so it contains about 25,000 words (we’re at 20K now),
2) look up a few research tidbits I flagged as I slogged through the first draft (don’t you love the word slog?)
3) outline act 2 on scene cards for delving into on Monday.

Yes, I write a “skeleton” outline before beginning anything. I know where I’m headed. But I leave the details to the story, trusting that they’ll reveal themselves as I type along. So far, so good, but I haven’t a clue as to what twists and turns await in Act II. This will be the trickiest part because here I’m adding REAL historical characters, so the historical parts will be familiar to the reader, which is nothing if not boring and predictable. My job is to make it fresh and amazing.

Deep breath. Okay. We’ll see.

Have a glorious weekend!

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  1. Missy

    Pretty sure you include the most obscure pictures in your posts. Nice work.


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