I enjoyed a special treat today–one of my dearest writer friends was in town, so we met at this little tea shoppe for brunch . . . and sat and talked for nearly four hours. We talked about our books, of course, but also about our families, our goals, and our dreams.

We’ve been involved in the business and ministry of writing for about the same number of years and we’re the same age, so we have a lot in common. We feel like veterans in a sense, but yet we are also both facing the future with the same need for faith that any writer feels. We must trust the Lord for opportunities to write, the finances to help support our families, and for the stories that will spark our passion and ignite something in our readers. We’ve both decided that since we’re officially past halfway-to-ninety, every book has to count for eternity.

She has some very special stories that only she can share. I listen to her and my heart fills with wonder at God’s provision and his grace. Some of her stories moved me to tears more than once.

Days like this are all too few because writing is a solitary occupation. We do have a network of like-minded friends, but we meet in person far too rarely. So it’s a blessing to be able to hug a friend and see her eyes spark with tears as she tells me about what God is teaching her.

And so tomorrow I’ll settle into work feeling refreshed . . . and grateful. And my dear friend, know that I love you and pray for you often. God’s plan is good . . . because He is good.


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