Book clearance!

holiday-saleAngie’s garage is stuffed with books–old books, new books, books for kids . . .
After you’ve written and published more than 140 books, they tend to pile up.  So Angie’s cleaning out her garage with this incredible sale, just in time for some summer reading!

What you get:   five books--our choice, but we won’t send two copies of the same book and we won’t send more than one children’s book.  If you get a book you’ve already read, you can give it as a gift or donate it to your church or local library. They need books, too!

Offer limited–one set per household, please.  And when this page disappears, the sale is over.  😉

What do you pay?  $10, plus $6.50 shipping.  A total of $16.50  for five books.  Enough to keep you reading for weeks to come.

One note:  PLEASE do not buy these to re-sell on eBay or Amazon.  I’m doing this as a special for my readers.  If you resell them elsewhere, you are repaying my favor by undercutting my retail sales. Limit one set per family please.  

To order just click the button below, and we’ll get your books right out to you!   Thanks, and happy reading!

Unfortunately, we can ship only to U.S. addresses.