It’s official!  Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my little ebook, Snapping Shelter Dogs, and uploaded it to Amazon Kindle’s platform.  And you don’t have to have a Kindle to read it!  You can read it with the free Kindle app on your computer, your iPhone, or iPad.  The complete list of readers follows below.

Hint:  the photos will be black on white on a Kindle, but in full color on any instrument that has color (like a computer or iPad).

Download the free reading apps at these links:

Kindle Touch
Kindle Fire
Kindle Keyboard
Kindle DX
Kindle (2nd Generation)
Kindle (1st Generation)
Kindle for PC
Kindle for Mac
Kindle for iPad
Kindle for iPhone
Kindle for Android
Kindle for BlackBerry
Kindle for Windows Phone

Snapping Shelter Dogs isn’t intended to be an encyclopedia on photography or shelter animals (and yes, we talk about cats, too), but a simple point-by-point manual on how an average person with an average camera volunteer at a shelter and begin taking pictures of beautiful animals who desperately need homes.

You can order the book here.  And please, even if you don’t order the book, will you please spread the word about it?  I’m publishing this myself, so there’s no orchestrated push from any company.  This news is going to have to spread via word of mouth.

Photo by Jim McCook

Here’s the primary reason I wrote the book (other than my overwhelming compulsion to write about my latest obsessions):  Until the Tampa Bay kennels are finished,  every penny of the royalties will go to the Tampa Bay’s SPCA Kennel Renovation Project.  So 70 percent of the purchase price will be going to update our old, un-airconditioned kennels that are sorely in need of an update.

Photo by Jim McCook
Photo by Jim McCook

So please, please, announce this book on your blogs, your Facebook pages, and email anyone you know who loves dogs.  Even if you don’t want to become a photographer, maybe you’ll simply enjoy looking at the pictures.  🙂   (I put in a LOT of pictures to illustrate things I’ve learned to do better. ) And of course, the dogs are always adorable.

So please help me spread the word. I’ll be posting photos of the kennel renovations as they get underway, and I’m hoping that this book will help in some way–large or small–to help the thousands of animals who come through the Tampa Bay SPCA.  We’re the most densely populated county in Florida, so we get a lot of animals, including many from other counties.

Bless you for helping spread the word.




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