All right, baking friends, I am finally ready to jump in and take the challenge of making French macarons! No, not macaroons, but mah-kah-rons, said with a French accent, of course.

The best thing about these is that they are DELICIOUS! I ordered some off eBay just so I’d know what I’m trying to achieve. The second-best thing about these delicacies is that they are naturally gluten-free!

So in honor of my pal Terri Blackstock and others who need gluten-free foods in their diet, Tammy Alexander and I have decided to make our next bake-off round a gluten-free event! So pray for me as I attempt these wonderful goodies! My hubby and I are planning an open house next month, so I plan to bake lots of jewel-colored macaroons . . . if I don’t eat them all first!

(40 Calories each, if you’re interested.) 🙂



  1. darien


    Maybe I’ll make some too. Any excuse for chocolate macaron and salted caramel filling will work for me.

    I love, love, love macarons..I know, that is no surprise to you.


  2. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. I’ve never seen it spelled with one “o”. And I’ve never known about the different kinds of meringue processes.

    I’m not sure I have the patience to do all that, but they look absolutely delightful! She lost me at the folding in stage where it is such a subjective and delicate process to get it just right.

  3. Tamera Alexander

    Oh!! Kelsey and I had these in NYC this summer, on a tip from about a bakery just next to the TODAY show studios. LOVED them! Delicious. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out, Angie!

  4. Sarah

    Homemade Angel Food Cake is also a delicious and easy recipe to make Gluten free! 🙂


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