I’m addicted to making macarons, that is.  I’ve made a batch almost every night, except for the one day when I made two different fillings.

My pecan macaron shells, upside down and waiting for filling. 

Why are they so much fun to bake?  First, because they’re a bit of a challenge.  Not the easiest thing in the world, but not the hardest, either.  It’s a skill you can definitely learn.

Second, they taste wonderful.  Truly.  Crunchy, chewy, sweet, but not too sweet–and nutty.  And I love nuts.

Third, they make great gifts and they freeze beautifully (if you use a nice buttercream or ganache frosting). So I’ve been storing them up for holiday gift trays to give.

Fourth, you can flavor them any way you want–sweet or savory, fruity or nutty or spicy.  So every night you create something that tastes different!

Fifth, you can color them, and a collection of them looks like a pretty jewel box.

The Oatmeal raisin buttercream I chose for the filling. 

Sixth, you don’t have to use almond flour (which can be hard to find–I ordered mine online).  Tonight I ground 1 1/2 cups of pecans in my food processor and made a batch out of pecan flour, and they were to die for.  Did I mention that pecans are my favorite kind of nut?

Seventh, the filling can be anything from jam/jelly to frosting to whatever you want to use.  So the flavor combinations are limitless.

My first complete pecan macaron! I promptly ate it. 🙂 

You can type “macaroni” into the YouTube search engine and find all kinds of instructional videos on how to make macarons, and there are all sorts of recipes online.  You really should give it a try when you have a couple of hours to experiment in the kitchen!

P.S.  Tomorrow I’m baking for my family Thanksgiving reunion.  Tamara Alexander and I are continuing our bake-off, so I can’t wait to see what she has planned!


A little army of pecan macarons, ready for the freezer, intended for gift-giving. 


  1. darien

    oh, I love the idea of using pecans! I am going to try it…maybe soon!


  2. Mocha with Linda

    Okay, you are seriously tempting me with the pecans. I love pecans!

    Are you SURE I can search “macaroni” (sic) and get instructions for these?! LOL 🙂

  3. Angela

    LOL!~ that autocorrect doesn’t like the word “macaron”–see, it just did it again, but I fixed it. 🙂

    and the pecans were easy to grind up–you just have to pulse them so they don’t get gummy. These macarons were a little bumpier than they usually are, but they tasted heavenly! A perfect combo with the oatmeal raisin filling.

    I’ll have to try walnuts next. 🙂

  4. Accidental Poet

    You are seventeen kinds of a hoot, Mrs Hunt.

  5. Patricia Hickman

    Food Lions are in abundance here in the Carolinas. They carry Red Mill Almond Flour. But if you don’t have a Food Lion nearby, it is tough to find this product. I use it in my pie crusts and it adds a great shot of flavor and the texture is perfect.


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