According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Bigfoot is now being taken seriously, more or less, in Siberia, where he is known as the Yeti.  They are having a conference, and it’s being by attended by an American woman who says she’s regularly feeding a family of Bigfeet. Er, Bigfoots.  Whatever.

The often-spotted, never-verified creature even has a biological classification: Homonid, the study of the science of Hominology.

And I’d feature a photo, but, well, there aren’t any of the actual creature.  🙂  And  I can see broken branches and twisted tree limbs in almost any part of the country.

Have you ever encountered any strange creatures in the woods?  Do tell!



  1. Linda G

    I saw the Yeti last week, at Walt Disney World. Guess that doesn’t really count.

  2. Russ

    not in the woods but I saw several strange creatures during the last presidential debate :>)


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