Yue Yue, the little girl who died. 

You’ve probably heard about the Chinese toddler who was hit TWICE by passing trucks and then ignored by several passers-by as she lay broken in the street.  I’ve just watched the video, and it’s heart-breaking.

I’ll admit that pictures of Asian babies do something to me because MY children were Asian babies. I can’t see that little two-year old Chinese girl without thinking of my own daughter.  But the resulting display of heartlessness has left China questioning its social values, which it certainly should.

In this country, how many people are inflamed or incensed by stories of abused dogs and cats, yet they say nothing when a child is ignored on the street?  Have we become so inured to the sight of human suffering that we block it out?  Or are we just as guilty as the Chinese, who, like us, are so caught up in the demands of daily life that we don’t see the shut-ins, the lonely neighbors, the frightened teenagers, the sullen children who are in need of help?

I’ve been convicted by the story of this little girl.  Would I have stopped on that day, or would I have assumed that someone else was already running to help?  Would I have worried about lawsuits and liability, or would I think of Jesus’ story of the good Samaritan?

Lord, open our eyes today to the hurting people around us.  Jar us awake, if need be, and help us to see this world through your eyes.



  1. Kathy C.

    That is too sad. Also the Ethiopian girl here in the U.S. who was beat, starved and left outside for hours and died last May : (

  2. Anonymous

    Lord, please open our eyes to see the need around us. How many times do we just walk by with blinders on, looking neither right nor left? Help us to be your instruments of comfort. In Jesus’ name we pray. Clyde

  3. Mocha with Linda

    This just broke my heart. Can’t get it out of my mind.


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