Last weekend–or was it weekend before last?–I took my son to the SPCA to look for a dog.  I had long been of the opinion that a dog would help our son feel less lonely, as he lives alone.  We looked at rambunctious puppies, assorted mixed breeds, and some middle-aged dogs, and then the nice volunteer told us about a ten-year-old dog named Shadow.  “He’s very sweet,” she said, “and he just prances around and is adorable. But he’s been at an adoption fair all day and is probably very tired.”

She took us to Shadow’s cage, and the poor dog was lying down–he looked like a furry black bathroom rug.  Plus, I wasn’t sure ten years old was a good age for an adoptive dog, so I walked off to look for something younger.   But when I checked on my son again, he was still at the door to Shadow’s kennel.  “I think I like this dog,” he said, pointing to the immobile mass inside.

Who was I to argue?  So the lady brought Shadow out, and we took him outside.  The dog is a hoot, very sweet, and he was very shaggy.  A little thin, but he seemed in good health otherwise.  So we brought him home.  While I was out of town, my son took the dog to the vet for a checkup and got the fuzzy dog a nice summer haircut.

So–meet my new granddog!  He’s hilarious, and we’re happy to welcome him to the family.  He lives with our son, not with us, but I’m happy to have him visit every once in a while.

P.S.  If you’re looking for a pet, please consider your local animal shelter or Humane Society first.  Those ten-year-old dogs need homes, too, and often their laid back dispositions are just what a family needs.



  1. BJ Hoff

    He looks like a real sweetie, Angie.Something tells me they’ll both be blessed!

  2. Kathy C.

    Your son and the dog are both very handsome!

  3. Deborah Raney

    Looks like a perfect match! I love Shadow’s ears! Sweet face. : ) Our college daughter recently rescued a dog and she is head over heals for that pooch!

  4. Accidental Poet

    Looks like there is still some puppy left in that dog.

  5. Aunt Rene

    Tell Tyler that I like his dog, and would like to see them both.

  6. Linda G

    They make quite the pair!
    We adopted our cat, Clarabelle, from a shelter. She had be abandoned and was living on the street. Clarabelle is the sweetest, smartest and most loving cat we have ever own. We believe that she appreciates having a

  7. Ane Mulligan

    Angie, he looks so much like a dog my in-laws had for years. Being Brits, they named theirs Ten-P (for ten pence). That dog was the most loyal, adoring pet they ever had. She lived a good long life. I pray your son will have him for years to come.

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    Really dog are very cute..Looks like there is still some puppy left in that dog…Its really look like a sweetest pet i love dogs ..Ur blog was really sweet..


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