This will be an abbreviated travelogue, as a minute-by-minute replay would probably bore you to tears–we spent a lot of time walking. But even as Terri and I were driving out of town and on our way to the airport, we kept seeing things we wanted to see and do.

After checking into our room, the first thing we did was look for some place to eat lunch. A friend of mine had told me about a diner called “Fluffy’s”–and though I doubted we could find it, I promised to look for it.
The concierge sent us to Seventh Avenue, and as we turned a corner, we walked a bit and there it was–Fluffy’s! So we ate lunch there. And let me warn you–the DESSERTS in these diners deserve to be in all caps. They are HUGE. I got a kick out of simply ogling them.
After lunch, both Terri and I said we’d never had a tour of Central Park, so as we walked toward it, we were accosted by a nice guy on a bike taxi who offered us a tour. Why not? (One of the nice things about Terri is that she’s up for anything, as am I, usually. So we hopped in the bucket seat of his bike and away we went for a tour of the huge park.
Our guide was from the former Soviet republic of Georgia–nice young man. These pics are from that tour. Lots of familiar scenes from movies–Enchanted, Kramer vs. Kramer, You’ve Got Mail, and many more. We recognized many of these places without being prompted.
After our tour of central park, we got on the subway to try to go . . . . I forget where. But a group of traveling Mexican musicians hopped on, played us a song, and then passed the hat for donations. And here I thought they were doing it simply for joy . . . sometimes I am way too naive.

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  1. Anonymous

    Can hardly believe you haven’t been a NYC tourist before. Fascinating place. I lived and worked there for a number of years (quite a few years back!). Midwestern family thought I was nuts. It’s a city where you can find someone doing whatever interests you (movies, singing, exercising,…) and any time of the night or day. Loved walking thru Central Park to guitar teacher’s studio, riding the Staten Island Ferry to watch the sunrise. BTW-How much is it now? Was a nickel in my day, if you can imagine! Strange life then–worked as a private secretary on Park Avenue by day, and went to political demonstrations on weekends. Seems a lifetime ago. Thanks for jogging my memory. And the tip about WAR HORSE.

    Mary Kay


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