Last night my husband and I watched a rented DVD, Temple Grandin, produced by HBO pictures. And then I went to bed and dreamed all night about writing this blog for you . . .

It’s a memorable movie. This photo is of the real Temple Grandin–and I should have known I’d like her because she’s obviously a dog person. 🙂
The movie is the true story of Temple Grandin, who grew up with autism, and how she persevered to become a writer and a leader in the field of animal husbandry. Her goal has been to provide for the humane care of livestock, and I’m all for that. (Yes, we have dominion over the animals, but that never gives us license to abuse them.)
Claire Danes does a remarkable job portraying Temple Grandin, and the movie is absolutely fascinating, entertaining, and moving. Plus, it’s one of those rare “family friendly” films–your kids would like this, and it’d be good for them to understand what autism is. Not all brains are wired in the same way, and just because someone is different doesn’t mean they’re a freak.
So I heartily recommend this one–and I think you’ll love it. Even my hubby, who usually rolls his eyes at any movie without guns and bombs, enjoyed it, and I caught him wiping a tear from his eye . . .


  1. Debra

    I saw this movie several months ago and was fascinated. This woman is inspiring – she met the challenges of autism with intelligence and with creativity. I gained a new perspective about autism and the loving families who often walk this path. I shed a tear or two as well as chuckles and laughter. I would recommend this movie as well.
    – debra

  2. Kay Day

    Several of my friends have recommended this one. I’ve got it in my queue.

  3. Anonymous

    One of my daughter’s friends has a son who is autistic. This sounds like a good movie for us. Have added it to my NF queue. Thanks, as always, Angie! Clyde

  4. Myra Johnson

    Oh yes, a great movie! We rented it just a few weeks ago. So inspiring! I especially enjoyed watching the DVD extra about the real-life Temple Grandin. And you’re right, Claire Danes did an excellent job of portraying her!

  5. Elizabeth M Thompson

    Thanks, Angie. Two of my children (11 & 13) serve as special helpers to a young boy with autism. They are always asking me what Tommy’s future will look like. I will be watching Temple Grandin with them this weekend. I’m sure it will inspire us as it did you. So glad you shared.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks, Angie. I will link your post to my family on FB. One of my grandchildren is autistic and now often signs using ASL, but has progressed to using the occasional word. Of course, bucket of tears shed when mom heard “I love you.”

    Mary Kay


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