This is adorable . . . funny, to watch these kids try to figure out how to work these “old” technologies, none of which are really old! Enjoy!

(While I was kindle-izing some of my 20 year old books, I realized that these kids weren’t calling each other on cell phones, etc. A couple of times I had them pick up on the “extension” and found myself wondering if modern readers would even know what I was talking about!



  1. k_stin

    Yes! I teach this quiz bowl class where we plug the buzzers in with telephone-like cords. Most of the students don’t know how to plug the cords in, and I have to remind them not to break the plastic part at the end cause they always try to just yank it out.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing. And quite a reminder of how old I am! I particularly like the creative youngster who decided a computer diskette must be a camera.

    Boy, to think even “extension” might not be recognized. Do you ever consider about updating the technology in a story? I wouldn’t think so. but perhaps in childrens or YA.

    Thanks for the giggle.
    Mary Kay

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Oh, I am so old. I did a fun flashback on my blog Friday about some of the modern new inventions that came out when I was growing up and made things obsolete. Among some of the things my kids have never done are: gotten ice out of a metal ice tray, sprinkled clothes and rolled them up for ironing, used a camera with a flashbulb, cut their finger on a pop top that came off of a soda can, had a fountain pen leak all over their fingers (or replaced the cartridge), or used a sink with separate faucets for the hot and cold water, among other things. They are so deprived!

    My daughter and I stayed at a B&B a few years back that had an old black rotary phone in the room. She thought that was fascinating. As was an old car with the manual crank to roll down the windows! And I’m still not even 50! (barely!)

  4. Ane Mulligan

    That was so sweet … and made me feel very old. Thanks loads, Angie. 😉 LOL

  5. Anonymous

    I have some of those antiques hanging around the house. I’m going to pull them out for my granddaughter to examine. Will let you know the results! Clyde


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