One of the things I’ve been doing in this two-month break between books is “Kindle-izing” some of my older (way older) books. I’m happy to announce that yesterday (when I wasn’t fussing with my slip covers) I finished the last of the Cassie Perkins books, so they are now available on

These books are different from the Nicki Holland mystery series. Nicki and her friends don’t age–the entire series is good for about ages nine through twelve or so. But Cassie ages and goes through things that a lot of kids go through. She’s thirteen in the first book and sixteen in the last, and in the books she deals with some unique adventures. In other words, the early books are good for ages 10-14, but the later books are better suited for ages 13-16. In any case, the appropriate ages are indicated on the page description.
Whew. Just a few more little things to do this week (including calling our builder because we’ve just discovered a leaky roof!) and then it’s time to jump into the next book. Which at this point, is only a vague idea in the back of my brain . . .
BTW, I DID try the steamer on the slipcovers last night. That helped immensely, and I discovered that a pancake turner helps with the tucking in–that flat edge, you see. 🙂 My slipcover still don’t look like the ones in the picture, but I suppose they are better than having a rip in the sofa cushion. Thanks for all the great ideas!


  1. Ane Mulligan

    Angie, the only kind that work and look halfway decent are the stretchy kind. I got mine at Walmart, about $79 and they can be tucked great. However, know that the minute someone sits on one, they come untucked and need to be re-tucked. They never tell you that. But mine look good when you walk into the room.

    Just don’t sit on them. LOL

  2. Anonymous

    Does anything EVER look the the ad picture? (Well your painting and your pies probably do!)

    Maybe I’ll try to find a slipcover for my big ottoman which suffered the same fate as your love seat. So far none of the attempted fixes stay in place but– like frosting on a hot day–gradually slide to one side then puddle on the floor.

    Look forward to hearing about the new book idea–which you will write at the same time you write your thesis? Mind boggling.

    Mary Kay


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